Tyutyunnikova Olesya (Clodi)

Hello, my name is Olesya @clodiart. I am an artist and designer.
I mainly paint my paintings with acrylics, but I also love digital art.
Drawing has become my love since early childhood - it is an opportunity to create something that did not exist before, and it is very exciting.
Many people ask me where my style came from. It found me itself, although after graduation I drew in the traditional style for a long time. But I've always wanted to add more self-expression to my work. This is how the transformation gradually took place, and this process is happening now, I am constantly learning new things personally and professionally.
In my works, I like to encrypt messages to the world, they are almost all metaphorical, and the meaning and the image are born simultaneously, as a rule, without a preliminary outline of how to catch a radio wave for a while, and sometimes I conduct several works at the same time. I can't write on a schedule and I can't plan, but I really want to learn.
I am inspired by love, without love there is nothing but emptiness. I hope I can multiply this a little with my pictures❤

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