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Fashionable T-shirts & Hoodies that add Style to your Personality

You have arrived at the right place if you have highly fine-tuned sartorial requirements! We offer a fantastic collection of stylish t-shirts and hoodies for men and women.

How do we support Artists?

Our team consists of almost 40 (and counting) artists scattered around the world and a small group of iranian-american immigrant friends based mostly in Los Angeles managing the logistical and technical aspects of it all. 

Aurora was created in hopes of supporting artists, because we believe in the transformative power of art. We may not have all gotten a chance to see the Aurora Borealis yet but most of us know that moment when you’re standing in a museum, in front of a piece of art mesmerized, captivated and in awe, forgetting that the outside world exists… We believe moments like that fuel so many wonderful emotions, memories, and creative moments full of joy and awe and other complicated powerful human experiences and we seek to bring the magic of seeing the auroras or being captivated by art pieces to daily life. 

We’re hoping to not only support our artists by providing them with rent money by selling their merchandise, but we also want to support them by starting conversations about their art, their thought process, and what makes them tick! What better way to do that than by becoming their canvas? Art tees or wearable art like this can be a way to take that captivating moment at the museum with you throughout the day while you provide financial and community support to artists in your city or across the world! 

What's so unique about our t-shirts and hoodies?

We have t-shirts that are perfect for every mood. These t-shirts reflect your artistic style, adding different layers to your personality. We consider various aspects — including body contours, aesthetics, and color combinations — while designing your outfits. Consequently, our ensembles fit you like a glove, facilitating comfort and aesthetic appeal. The superior-quality materials used to manufacture these products ensure that they last longer.

We have adopted minimalist yet eye-catching designs for our Persian and Iranian hoodies. These outfits are ideal for your chic, casual look when you hang out with your friends and loved ones. Although we offer vibrant color combinations and choices, we provide subtly colored ensembles for individuals who like it lowkey. Our sweatshirts and hoodies strike the perfect balance between being comfortable and fashionable.

Wide range of collections

Aurora Studio offers a vast collection of t-shirts and hoodies categorized as per the preferences of millennials. For instance, we have a unique collection for men who like t-shirts with beard art. We also have a music collection for the ones whose life revolves around music. Our fascinating wide range  collection offers apparel entailing typography art, heart collection, space collection, Persian art collection, Iranian clothing, and much more. We even have t-shirts with art relating to yoga, meditation, and self-love.

Are you an animal lover? Show your solidarity for animals by donning t-shirts and hoodies from our animal collection! You can also browse our apparel by type and artist. We have featured our bestsellers and new entries separately for your convenience. These features will help you pick the best t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and tops for yourself and your loved ones.

We have special collections comprising Iranian and Persian t-shirts and tops for special occasions. Flaunt them with elan and impress onlookers with your panache!

What makes our collection special?

Each of our t-shirts, tops, hoodies, and sweatshirts is designed uniquely to match your personality. These t-shirts and hoodies offer an extraordinary flair to your dressing sense. For example, you can wear a Persian t-shirt or Persian hoodie for a royal and distinguished look, whereas the Iranian hoodie and Iranian t-shirt are perfect to showcase artistic brilliance of the old era.

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Do you ship products to all countries?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping although orders from Europe and UK will include VAT tax. The tax rate varies based on the country and product. All taxes are collected during check out, and NO other taxes in any form will be paid by customers after that.

Customers in Canada are not paying any taxes on their purchases.

Is there any refund or exchange policy?

Yes, you can send your order back and get a refund or exchange if you return the product within two weeks of your purchase. You can send us the order number and tracking number via email at info@aurorasstudio.com to get information about your refund or exchange. Once we receive the product, a refund or exchange will be provided immediately.

Are your products unisex?

All the tshirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are unisex, and designed for both men and women. Although there are some tshirts with "Women tshirt" in their titles which have very short sleeves and designed for women.

What accessories do we provide?
Besides offering a fantastic collection of t-shirts, tops, hoodies, and sweatshirts, we have iPhone cases entailing the most exquisite and unique designs and patterns you can imagine!

How much do I need to pay for the gift card?
We've got you covered if you are planning to gift something special to your friend, relative, or loved one! Aurora Studio makes your occasions all the more special by offering you elegant gift cards at just $15. Take your pick from our collection of gift cards, and bask in the warmth of your loved one's smile!

How many days will it take to get an order?

Once you have placed an order from our official website, you shall receive the product at your doorstep within 10 business days. However, for larger order, the delivery can take up to 20 working days to be completed.

How many filters are available at Aurora Studio?

Filters such as Product type, artist, art style, art subject, and size are available on our official website. You may also browse the ensembles by collection.