Master student of illustration at Tehran University of Arts and Architecture. Beginning of artistic activity by participating in several groups and individual exhibitions in the field of illustration, collaborating with publications in the field of illustration, caricature, and teaching illustration and design in Yazd conservatories. 

Since 2005, after leaving for Tehran, he has been engaged in various activities in the field of theater, cinema, and illustration; By holding several groups and individual exhibitions, including the solo exhibition in November 2013 at the Mehrva art Gallery in Tehran. Collaboration with publications such as Appendix in the field of illustration and comic strip, activity in companies such as Jas Design, Fanap, and Sayan Square Art Group, designing Institute. costumes Other for the activities pardon of include Simon forming John (Neil the Simon) 11th art consultant, costume designer for the Guest House of Two Worlds (Emmanuel Schmidt) directed by Omidreza Sepehri, and collaborating on three feature films directed by Hossein Qenaat.

His Instagram page is here.