Ranjeet Singh Sisodiya

Before starting a painting when I remember the best memories of my life, I find myself sitting on a Ghat beside a beautiful river flowing, where the sounds of mantra are echoing, where the fragrance of this belief that whatever happens, there is the power which will ultimately lead to my hand. Putting this feel inside the heart I try to play with colors.

I born and grown up in the small town of Bundelkhand, where we can see the heritage of Culture, rituals, and folk arts are flourishing till now. So I always try to carry the fragrance of real India through my Watercolor paintings. I started painting when I was 5 years old when I saw the armature of Goddesh Durga idol which was getting ready for Durga Pooja. Since very Childhood, I used to make Ganesha's idol of clay. Since then I have become friend with colors.

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